Recently prices for everything have gone up – especially diesel.  And prices keep rising making it extrememly difficult to keep doing business the way we have in the past.  We’ve always been known as the boat that would go the distance to get the fish.  Now we can’t afford to keep doing that.  So we’ve changed our pricing structure to stay competitive with the “cheap” boats.  We haven’t changed our belief in giving our clients what they deserve.  The only to keep rates low is to cut back on diesel.  Do that & the captain can’t go as far to find the fish.

We don’t like doing business that way so we’ve developed a rate structure that hopefully will suit the avid, serious fishermen as well as the “not so serious.”   We lowered our rate to a single year round rate with no multiple day rates.  And we added a Flexibility Rate *** for the serious fishermen who want the captain to have the flexibility to go where needed to find the fish.  By adding only $50 to the basic rate we can put enough extra diesel to “go the distance.”  

When shopping around for a charter boat keep in mind that in the business of charter boat fishing you really do “get what you pay for!”  Be sure to ask if the boat you’re being shown is the one you’ll see the next morning.  Don’t fall for the “bait & switch” game so common in Cabo.  Ask specifically if the captain will be able to go wherever needed to find the fish.  Many companies don’t tell you that the captain will be limited as to how far he can go.

Be wise & be careful – remember, the boat can only go as far as it has diesel in its tanks.  Enjoy your stay in Cabo – hope to welcome you aboard the Gúerita II.