Directions if Taking a Taxi:
· Have driver drop you off at south side of Dolphin Center. Take walkway along right side which leads out to Marina.
· At boardwalk go slightly right (almost straight ahead.) Shops & restaurants will be on right & boats on left.
· Dock 3 (Gate 3) will be the 2nd gate on your left.

Directions if Driving Yourself:
· Follow main road thru town past Squid Row & up the hill to 2nd stop sign at Cabo San Lucas Street.
· Turn left onto Cabo San Lucas Street & go straight to round-about (Wyndham Hotel to left about 11 o’clock.)
· Continue straight thru round-about (Cultural Center will be on left.)
· Continue straight until you come to Playa Grande Hotel & Ristorante Galeón (on right) & Gali Plaza (on left.)
· Turn left into parking lot just before Gali Plaza – the ticket booth has a sign that says API.
· Get ticket (don’t lose) & park closest to left side – about 17 pesos per hour (have pesos because they don’t take dollars.)
· Walkways between shops to left side of lot lead to marina.