Guerita Sportfishing

Every year, thousands of fishermen across the globe flock to Cabo San Lucas to enjoy some of the best big game sportfishing in the world. If you’re thinking about making the trek to the area, Guerita Sportfishing can provide you with Cabo San Lucas deep sea fishing charters and make sure you have the time of your life while you’re out on the water. Guerita Sportfishing has a tournament experienced deep-sea fishing charter boat and crew that has enjoyed a lot of success while fishing in marlin and tuna tournaments over the years. They can help you get your hands on a trophy fish to take home with you at the end of your trip.

Guerita Sportfishing can set you up with a number of different Cabo San Lucas deep sea fishing charters during your stay down in Mexico. Whether you want to fish for dorado, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, or marlin, Guerita Sportfishing has you covered. The English-speaking crew on Güerita III is very reliable and will make sure you get out on either the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific side of Los Cabos every morning in time to get a prime position on the water. The crew will also educate you about the different species of fish you’ll find in the water and walk you through the steps you’ll need to take to bring big game fish on board the boat.

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters

Guerita Sportfishing can offer you more than just Cabo San Lucas deep sea fishing charters, too. You can also take a deep-sea cruise aboard Güerita III to see all the natural beauty in and around Cabo San Lucas. Additionally, Guerita Sportfishing offers sunset cruises that are perfect for those celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries, and other momentous occasions. You’ll have a great time on the boat whether you’re fishing or just cruising around and checking out the scenery.

Regardless of which charter boat company you book a trip with during your stay in Cabo San Lucas, you should steer clear of “coyotes” on the docks who rent boats. You should only deal with reputable companies like Guerita Sportfishing that will deliver top-notch service and allow you to make memories when you’re on the water.

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