Going Fishing is Almost Always a Great Idea

In life, once you get to a certain age, not that many things excite you anymore. There’s a “been there, done that” mentality that kind of seeps in. Thank God, then, for fishing. This is one of those pastimes that doesn’t disappoint. Why go fishing? For the thrill of it! You never know if you’ll get “the big one.” Each time out there on the water is an adventure. What lurks below? Who knows?! And that, right there, is the fun of fishing.

The Pursuit

Sometimes it’s just fun to pursue something and then catch it, right? You can do that sort of thing with fish. They can be elusive. Sometimes they’re not biting. But then, when the heavens open up and shine light down on you, there come those moments in life when all is right with the world and you’re reeling in the catch of a lifetime. Yes!

Excite the Senses

Besides the thrill of the hunt, fishing is something to do out on the water that engages your mind, your body and your senses. Sure, you could just sit on the deck and get a tan, but for those who like a little more action on their boat rides, fishing makes sense. It is called a “recreational sport” for good reason.

Confidence Booster

When you do catch fish, this boosts your confidence. “Look what I did,” is what you’d like to say to others– so you take pictures and share them with as many people as possible. Bet they’re jealous that you’re out on the water on a nice day catching fish, right? Most are.

Stress Reliever

Fishing is a good stress reliever. It allows your mind to not think about work, people, home, etc. It allows your mind to kind of go “blank,” with the exception of paying attention to whether or not something’s biting on the other end of your line. Meanwhile, if you take some friends or family along with you for the adventure, fishing is a great time for bonding– share your stories, have some laughs, enjoy food and drinks, tell tales, etc.

Economy Booster

Finally, fishing does help the economy. From purchasing fishing licenses to utilizing the services of captains and crews, when you fish, you’re investing in a place and its people.

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