How to Become a Better Fisherman

Becoming a better fisherman is like learning to play an instrument. The more you practice, the better you’ll get over time. It takes effort to be good at something. Most people don’t just pick up a pole with no experience and reel in countless fish. Fishing is an art, science and sport all rolled into one– an adventure that takes place over a lifetime.

There are several tips, besides practice makes perfect, on how to become a better fisherman that’ll help you improve your chances of catching fish.

Tips for Becoming a Better Angler

For starters, what time of the day or night are you fishing? It turns out that early risers (sunrisers) and those who like to fish at twilight often are rewarded with good catches, more so than those who try fishing during a hot midday summer sun when fish aren’t biting.

Next, think of people playing bingo. They increase their chances of winning when they have more cards played per game than just the one, right? So why not be quite active in your own pursuit of fish? Present more lures to more fish than others might, and you’ll automatically increase your chances of bringing in more fish every time. Pay attention to the way you cast and the way you bait– if you don’t think your skills are up to par, ask for help from a seasoned vet who can show you the best ways to reach your goals.

Also, even though this may seem like a given, here’s the deal: a positive attitude will help you become a better fisherman. You’ve got to train yourself to think and say, “I WILL catch the big one,” rather than, “I’m just no good at this.” If you believe it, you can achieve it. It also helps if you’re truly passionate about fishing.

Finally, and here’s something that could really separate you from the pack, keep a fishing journal. When you write down what you did, what you used, and what you caught, you get a good idea of what works best and what doesn’t work! This fishing journal can prove to be invaluable on your quest to be a better fisherman.

If you would like to become a better deep sea angler, consider booking a guided fishing session with a true expert.

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