How to Improve Your Chances for Catching Yellowfin Tuna in Cabo San Lucas

Okay, so you’d like to catch yellowfin tuna? Are you hoping to catch one that’s 400 pounds? You just might in the waters off of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It’s a prime spot for yellowfin tuna fishing. Guerita Sportfishing, the best tuna fishing charter based out of Cabo San Lucas, has some tips for you.

Clean Water

First, you or your guide is going to want to look for clean water rather than dirty water. Yellowfin tuna aren’t usually found in dirty water– but they are found in clean/clear water. They might be far offshore in deeper waters– is your captain willing to go the distance to get to them for you?

The Right Baiting

Next, when it comes to live baiting, you’re going to want to make sure your hook and bait are the right kind to entice yellowfin tuna to bite. You want your bait to look and act “natural” so it should look like it’s swimming rather than being dragged along. If you are working with a guide, he or she should know what kind of live bait the yellowfins in the area are biting on. Certain live baits work well in certain areas whereas other baits don’t… and the key is to work with someone who knows the area well and can tell you, “This is the live bait we catch a bunch with!”


If the fish don’t seem to want to go for live bait or they’ve gone down deeper than usual, then it’s a good idea to try chumming. This is akin to giving a dog snacks to get him to do what you want him to do– you’re enticing the tuna with chum to essentially get their attention. Once they’re excited about eating the chum you’re putting out, you’ve got them where you want them and can catch them more easily. If you chum too heavily, though, that’s not good; you might just attract sharks or cause tuna to go down deeper. In any case, though, a guide will know what’s best to do on any given day, depending on the time of day and fishing situation. He or she might think about using cut bait with 7/0 hooks hidden inside in order to ultimately catch yellowfin tuna.

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