Sailfish Fishing Trips

Did you know that sailfish are actually the fastest fish in the ocean? These unique, blue fish are capable of reaching speeds of over 65 mph, making them an extremely attractive species for sport fisherman who like the thrill of the chase. If you are planning a fishing trip to Cabo San Lucas with hopes of catching one of these beautiful fish, Guerita Sportfishing would be happy to welcome you aboard our sailfish fishing charter. We can pair you with the professional guides you need to track down and catch sailfish in the saltwater seas near Cabo.

At Guerita Sportfishing, we know that you’re booking your charter with us because you trust our professional guides to be able to provide you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to not only locate the sailfish, but effectively catch them. Our guides know the waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific side of Los Cabos like the back of their hand and have been doing this long enough to know where to look. Unlike many other charters that have limits on how far they can go, Guerita Sportfishing will always go the distance so you can experience the best sailfish fishing conditions Cabo San Lucas has to offer.

Before you book a trip to Cabo San Lucas, consider booking a sailfish fishing charter trip through Guerita Sportfishing. You should also contact us about our sailfish tours to find out when the best time of year for sailfish is. Let us know more about your fishing interests, and we can even recommend specific tours we offer to our customers.

To book a spot on one of our sailfish fishing charter trips, start by calling Guerita Sportfishing at 518-488-8275 today.