Why Fishing is Good for Your Health

What do people do when they want to have some sort of purpose to enjoy nature and the great outdoors? They fish. One of life’s greatest pleasures is fishing, because you never know if and when you’ll get a bite and hook “the big one.” That’s exactly what makes it so exciting for many people the world over. From little ponds to the great big sea, there are plenty of fish to be caught.

Is fishing good for your health? You bet it is! Ask around and you’ll discover that many people who fish do so chiefly because it’s so relaxing. It helps them lower their blood pressure. They inhale bucketfuls of fresh air. Fishing gives their mind a rest from the busy, Internet-obsessed world we live in. It’s a chance to turn off the TV/phone, tune out for a bit, and just chill. It’s a relaxing time punctuated with tremendous moments of excitement.

Fishing involves some low impact movement– you will move around while fishing, so that’s good. There’s also the issue of dexterity… fishing gets you to use your hands, fingers, arms and back in a way that you might not normally use them, and this is good for improving your overall manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Feeling stressed out? Need some fun in your life? Fishing is a good way to relieve tension and stress while allowing yourself the chance to have some fun. When it’s sunny outside, your skin soaks in the sun’s rays, giving your body a Vitamin D boost. And if you use a boat to go fishing out on the water, like Guerita Sportfishing does, in the waters off Cabo San Lucas, a day out on the sea will do your mind, body and soul good!

Guerita Sportfishing helps people catch trophy Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo and Sailfish, among others, which can be a great ego boost. Once you take a photo with the giant fish you caught then you’ll have something to show friends and family for years as a sign of accomplishment! Catching “the big one” makes people feel great.

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